The Gizmo Swindler

Documentary Series / Expected Release 2025

Gizmondo was a unicorn from hell. A handheld gaming device that sought to overtake the Nintendo DS and Playstation Portable, it stirred both derision and fanfare. Trade publications grimaced, hungry investors in New York and London flocked to pin their portfolios to the gaming sector’s great underdog hope, and Gizmondo was everywhere. Stock prices skyrocketed into billion dollar valuations.

Only problem; it was all a sham. The Gizmondo simply did not work, and it was never supposed to. Behind Gizmondo was no simple cast of pretenders: an ingenious, ferocious Swedish conman with mafia connections who walked off with a fortune.

His name was Carl Freer. And he did it again — and again, and again. 

This is Catch Me If You Can, for anyone who wants to understand how international white-collar crime survives and thrives in today’s world.

Produced by Andreas Dalsgaard
Creator team Christian Kirk Muff & Jesper Bernt