Elk Film Development Fund is a collaboration between Dogwoof, Vækstfonden (Danish Growth Fund) and Elk Film, aimed at bridging private equity, sales knowhow and European Film Funds to secure dynamic financing models. The fund has 3-4 mio. DKK annually dedicated to provide early angel investment in documentary productions.

EFDF will engage in projects where we can become a production and financing partner to help develop and package the production for the international market. Projects are not exclusive to Elk Film productions.

Projects are chosen by Anna Godas (CEO Dogwoof), Oli Harbottle (Head of acquisition Dogwoof) and Andreas Dalsgaard (CEO Elk Film).

Proposals are welcome. We look for ambitious projects with international potential where we can become a significant finance and/or producing partner.

Please send a proposal or inquire further.


Birgitte Keseler
COO Elk Film

+45 28 70 07 49